Lower ab Workout

Lower ab Workout

May 18
12:00 2017

A lower abs workout may be
pursued on its own, as an aspect of an individual’s overall fitness regimen, or
in concert with the related subject of upper abdominal workouts. It is
generally recommended, however, that lower ab workouts not take place in
isolation, but rather along with exercises which are targeted toward the upper
rather than lower abdominal muscles, as together form the rectus abdominis. In
this regard, it should be noted that the contractions caused by exercise
activities such as crunches carried out specifically as components of a lower
abs workout will also involve the triggering of functions in the upper as well
as lower area of the rectus abdominis.

Moreover, a lower ab workout
may, at least during certain kinds of exercise activities, occur in the form of
sensations which are felt in an area other than the one which they actually
impact. In this regard, crunches tend not to be regarded as viable subjects for
lower ab workouts, in that activities of this kind tend to be most linked to
the experience of sensations in the upper portion of the rectus abdominis,
rather than the lower. That being said, a lower abs workout session can also
incorporate this kind of exercise activity, in that crunches exercise the whole
of the rectus abdominis to some extent, though not every part to the same
extent or with the same intensity of sensations. Moreover, reverse crunches
tend more often tend to be used for a lower ab workout, but similarly impinge
on both.

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